We have a wide catalog of companies that insure cars without the need of a state license.

Here in America One Insurance LLC we also validate your license

Yes, we just have to add the legal owner of the car as an additional insured

Yes, you can have several policies with the same or with different insurers. For example, you could have a life insurance policy permanently and also a temporary life policy. But if you request more coverage than you need, the insurer will probably ask you the reason.

Yes, but only if you have an “insurable interest” on that person. This usually means a spouse, domestic partner, concubine or business partner.
Can I buy a policy for a person without it being found out?

Although there are exceptions in some states (for example, a person may buy insurance for their spouse), the answer to this question is usually “no”. You can not contract a life insurance policy for a person without their consent and knowledge.

The easiest and most convenient way to verify your benefits is by calling our offices directly to schedule an appointment. If you require immediate information, contact your insurance company with your policy number for more details.

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